Featured must-reads for January-2020 by Merrative

January has been an excellent month for Merrative — we saw a lot of firsts, reached 1000+ followers on Instagram within five weeks and launched initiatives that enabled our readers’ community to become impact makers!

For February, we have planned equally more exciting, with the first pilot of Share your knowledge/story sessions in partnership with NGOs, more giveaways and featuring influencers to recommend books and share highlights!

Before we get more excited about February-2020, here’s a roundup of things that happened this month:

Featured books as recommendations, highlights or giveaways

We had 11 books featured in all lengths, including highlights, recommended reads and giveaways. We had:

  • Six reco’ed reads
  • One community giveaway — Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern
  • One featured giveaway — A vintage tale by Malvika Mishra
  • Three exclusive highlights

Release of the pilot for Changemaker sessions

Release of the Changemaker initiative

So we were looking at our readers’ community and figured that so many of them are CAs, writers, entrepreneurs, media moguls, PhDs and what not!

Our upcoming platform will be having this section of society that is literate enough to buy books, cherish the joy of finishing reads and share their love for the same!

But, then there’s this other section that cannot share the same joy!

The only thing a social network like Merrative has as an asset is — its people!

Why not use this power to enable every one of you to be CHANGEMAKERS in the lives of less privileged?

But again, donating books isn’t enough when the kids don’t know how to read. Neither do we have time to go and volunteer in this hectic busy lifestyle!

So we came up with this initiative where you can conduct live storytelling or knowledge sharing session in partnership with NGOs, right sitting at your HOME! All you need is an internet connection :)

You see, we want to create a responsible social network. If these pilots go successful, we will include them as a feature!

DM us on Instagram or Twitter for more details. You can also fill up this form:


The response has been great as we already have 20+ signups for being a part of this initiative.

Do spread the word!

Merrative is the upcoming meme-lord in the world of readers

Our content was getting too serious, so we decided to lighten it up with some relatable memes! We use thoughts, ideas, struggles or casual conversations that we had in our DMs with readers as inspiration to create memes.

Enjoy and do share!

Design changes

We did some design changes on our creatives for Instagram, logo and fonts.

We were using Century Gothic and the logo on the left previously. The reads in the logo represented highlights while the name Readsnet itself merely means ‘Readers’ network’.

We felt the logo did not completely resonate with the readers, as nobody highlights so clean :P

Some designers also suggested us in our community on how I need to change the font and opt for sans or serif as it looked more cleaner and comfortable to read. Being a readers’ platform and making them struggle to understand isn’t what is expected, right? We also received feedback on how the colour we have used kind of pinches in the eyes.

So we now use ‘Roboto’ as our font, light blue as our primary colour and a brushed highlight format instead of clean.

We changed our formats for showing Lit scores, colour schemes and tried to make it look cleaner by removing the borders we were using.

If you have any thoughts or ideas that we can incorporate in our community, we are just a DM away on both Instagram and Twitter!

See you guys soon as we will share updates on February 2020!